Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hadiah Terbaik

Hadiah Terbaik

Kepada kawan - Kesetiaan
Kepada musuh - Kemaafan
Kepada ketua - Khidmat
Kepada yang muda - Contoh terbaik
Kepada yang tua - Hargai budi mereka dan kesetiaan.
Kepada pasangan - Cinta dan ketaatan
Kepada manusia – Kebebasan

Those are the most valuable things that not every person manage to do ....simple but so need to use your money even a cent.....
but the most important is it always comes from your heart...
Why not you start first..???and then, the others will treat you as the same...that's all part and parcel in our life..

Quotes for today : 
considering the other's feeling will make them feel how  they are so meaning to you ...
seriously i feel UNFAIR right now...sob3

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